Our Services

WHAT-A-CANINE offers a variety of obedience packages to meet the needs of the owner and their canine.

Personal Training

Personal Training services range from one-on-one or group training sessions.


Each owner receives a consultation where our lead trainer will conduct an evaluation to determine the canine’s needs and proper obedience service to ensure those needs are met. Each obedience service is customized to each canine’s needs.


Here at WHAT-A-CANINE, we do not believe in a “one-size fits all” approach, as our passion and drive stem from the belief that each canine is more than just a pet, but a member of the family.

Service Dog Training

WHAT-A-CANINE is proud to provide service dog training to those in need! As a company, we believe that the bond between a canine and their owner should be unbreakable.


Therefore, we take pride in providing certified service dogs of quality to meet the needs of a variety of medical conditions. Additionally, we extend our services to personalize the training of existing service dogs that may need to learn an additional skill to satisfy their owner’s needs.

Board & Train

We offer Board & Train services from weekend to weeklong board and stays.

Training can be obedience training, re-affirming previous training, or honing new skills. 

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Therapy & Emotional Support Training 

WHAT-A-CANINE is proud to provide rehabilitation services for canines within the rescue system. As we all know, many canines have not been afforded the luxury of a loving ‘fur-ever’ home.


We take great pride in assisting in the process of rehabilitating canines with issues of fear, aggression, lack of obedience, resource guarding, and more. We understand that the rehabilitation of a canine takes a great amount of nurturing and love, which our staff compassionately provides.

What Our Clients Say