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About Us

Our specialized, structured training programs are designed to fit your personal needs. The fun and interactive sessions will ensure your pet will be engaged and learning new skills in no time! Our staff embodies the passion and leadership needed to facilitate teamwork, communication, confidence, and accountability between the owner and their pet. Our ultimate goal is to build a bond to last a lifetime. You'll be so amazed with the results, we’ll have you saying "Wow! WHAT-A- CANINE!"

Meet the Trainer

Mission Statement

Our owner has 13+ years of experience training canines. He began his journey in the United States Air Force where he gained experience with bomb and narcotic canines, assisted with Presidential security, and PTSD service dogs.

After serving his country, he was employed as a Lead Canine Trainer in Houston, TX where he imprinted canines on narcotics, explosives, accelerants, article searches, tracking, open area and building searches, decoying, and target biting. Additionally, he engaged in teaching basic handler and trainer courses.

Our owner has a proven career of dedication and a positive track record of happy clients and canines! His passion for training and attentiveness to each canine’s needs ensures he produces the results all owners’ desire.


WHAT-A-CANINE is dedicated to ensuring your experience is fun and interactive. Our mission is to provide successful training programs through a variety of services that will teach each owner how to effectively communicate with their pet through leadership and confidence. Each owner will be guided by our patient and dedicated staff to transform the relationship between them and their pet into a lifelong family bond.

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